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Obviously, i did a bit a LOT of cleaning today. Had my midterms for Java Programming & Database Systems today. Was 15mins late for Java coz of transport probs :P Finished Database quite early and was kinda lazy to wait for 2-3 hrs for the bus from LKW to OU so i decided to take the public bus to Pasar Seni.

The bus was late, and really full. And took quite a long time. We pusing around Putrajaya…passed Serdang…then finally stopped at Pasar Seni. So i took the lrt to KLCC to meet up with cik pokiah & incik basharuddin at Kpg Pandan for teh tarik & roti canai (murtabak dah abis bila i sampai). Then took the lrt back to KJ & taxi home.

Reached home and did spring cleaning of my room {I can imagine all the makciks saying “Masyaallah kotornye bilik anak dara nih!!!} and had to do all my laundry…THREE loads of it.


I WANT…………… go to Haagen Dazs to eat their CHOCOLATE FONDUE (as if i didnt hv enough chocolate when i went to eat at the chocolate buffet at cosmo, Hilton KL – will post about that later)

I AM…… jealous that Su Ann went there……

p/s: G, lets go…. :P


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