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Starting school!!

This is really LAST MINUTE…but im going to Limkokwing tomorrow to register for Diploma in “Multimedia & Software Engineering”, combining 2 subjects which im very interested in. Im still having a little bit of doubt coz I decided last minute (today) but it had to register either tomorrow (20 Sept) or in Feb (which is the next intake). So kinda of nervous a bit about tomorrow so wish me luck!!

Missed church this morning coz I overslept (-_-;) so got left behind by everyone. Then went to look for the Limkokwing (LKW) campus this afternoon….well, actually late afternoon around 2 or 3 pm i think. Its SOO far away….we (my parents and I) managed to get there after like 3 wrong turns. Taking a wrong turn on roads in KL is terrible!! If you make a wrong junction, you have to drive far before a U-turn appears. Felt sleepy but I wanted to get used to the road so stayed awake.

The campus looks so nice. You’ve gotta go see it in their website http://www.limkokwing.edu.my , cant miss it from the side of the road. We just walked out a little and passed thru the canteen and looked into the admin building. But so sunyi during d weekends…..worse of all, erin – my ex-classmate who’s taking her degree in LKW – is on holiday for a week i think.

Anyway, on the way back went to eat Kajang satay at a highway reststop. And ate the new Drumstick Gold…..the one that the cone is made outta pure chocolate. Oh ya, one funny thing happened. I wuz in the car holding my icecream in my left hand and suddenly screamed in shock when my icecream broke in two….haha…but managed to catch it with my other hand. It actually melted and drop sideways. So funny…my dad thought it wuz something like an accident or something and suddenly breaked the car which made me smear the seat in front with the icecream in my hand. LOL!

Went back…watched a bit of TV and got a phone call from an old fren. Chang, a fren from Curtin who wuz my groupmate in Moral who now moved to INTI Kuching called me coz he wuz bored. He’s a really nice and funny guy and we always sat at the back of the lecture hall talking and making jokes about the lecturer – my moral lecturer is lousy and weird. So we juz chit chat and catched up with our lives currently. Then he said he reloaded around RM 300 on his phone this month…and I jokingly asked him to reload mine. He asked…”how much?” I wanted to say rm100 but juz said Rm50..then he said…”ok” and i said…”ur not joking are u?” Then he said “im serious, check your credit tomorrow”. Dunno if its true but I’ll guess we’ll see…hehehe!!

Ohya…watched the Malaysian Idol results show….well..actually i wuz on the computer when my family were watching. So i heard the whole thing. So happy Saiful is finally out!!! He’s too childish looking and immature. AND sings very badly too!! Too bad Nikki got kicked out instead of him earlier. Anyway, he’s out now. Yay!

Okay…need to sleep. Its 12.30 am and i need to get up around 6.15 am tomolo to go for my first day and orientation at LKW. Ciou ppl~~!!


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