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Starting Sem

I have morning class later today at 9am (which will probably only start half an hour later). Its 3 am now so that means I have basically less than 5 hours to sleep. Im still in this holiday mood. Feeling lazy and sluggish. I was never a morning person (and never will be). Thats the time that i feel the most cranky and easily irritated.

Damn I hate Mondays!


Oh IKEA is having a sale from 28 Feb to early March so I we are planning to go buy some stuff. I better write down my ‘shopping list’ because all my bits of paper tends to disappear :(

  • Vase – I want to buy a small vase from Ikea to put all my dried roses from my Vday Bouquet. I hanged them upside down in my room and they’re all a deep almost brownish red.
  • Table Lamp – My current table lamp is the clip on type and now that I have a different table, there is no place to clip it. The only place to clip it is on my shelf but that is too far and inconvenient for reading so I need to get one that sits on my desk.
  • Bluetooth USB – Mine rosak already from some reason. Maybe because I accidentally kicked it with my feet the other day and it’s a bit bent now. Yea I know im so ganas. LOL!
  • Earphones – was looking for my earphones ever since Erin left. I finally found it. Stuffed at the bottom of my laptop backpack and broken in two. Now I wonder who put it inside there when it was nicely on my table the other day. :-w
  • Push pins – I want to get some colourful, cute push pins because I just fixed up my notice board in my room.
  • Yey! Shopping~

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