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Homemade Steamboat

Pam just got back from seeing her Dad & sis who were in town for a few days and got a box of the hugest prawns I have seen in a while. So we decided to have a small gettogether with 6 of us girls and have “steamboat”. Picked Cass up from her place and went shopping. Bought lots of fish balls, quails eggs (Cass’s req), Taufu, baby corn, fish cakes and noodles and japanese mushrooms (or whatever u call em) and chicken stock flavoring (in cubes) – which we had to go and buy again coz we couldnt seem to find it anywhere.

Its quite easy actually, just prepare a pot of water + crushed garlic + ikan bilis + chicken stock (better if u actually got chicken bones or carcasses) and boil it. Then chuck in all your fish balls and what not into it, wait a few minutes and eat. We decided to just steam the prawns plain and eat it later with lemos & thousand island sauce.

The meal was fantastic, tho unfortunatly 3 people didnt turn up so we had tons of left overs. Had a good time talking, gossiping and laughing – esp about secondary school days back in KK. Those were the days.

Here’s to more good food and great company :) next week bbq plak k girls? :P

The Raw ingredients – huge prawns on the upper rightsteamboat2.jpg
From right: fish cake, fish balls, jagung & mushrooms, taufu & more varieties of fish cake and fish ballssteamboat3.jpg
The fresh prawns waiting to be steamed

Our dining table at the porch

Prawns, steamed to perfection

Taking a quick picture before we wallop all the food

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