Streamyx Woes

I wish streamyx would upgrade their service. Sometimes I have a problem getting online because of a fault on their side. My modem’s DNS light isn’t on. Then I’ll have to give their customer service a ring and hope that they fix it fast. Its such an inconvenience to not have internet access. I wish we were staying in the US.

In the US, then we could have High Speed Charter Internet services for life. That’s way better and faster then our 1mbps “high speed” broadband line here. Plus, now its auctioning from USD10 onwards. So who knows, you can get it really cheap. For life!

Internet here is around RM77-88 for 1Mbps. I wonder how much will it be for life? But seriously, would you want to survive with crappy service for life? I wouldn’t. Its really not worth the price we pay considering that overseas internet is so cheap. Cut throats.

Oh yea, when you register to bid for that Charter Internet service, you also have a chance to win a Nintendo Wii. See, that’s an even better bargain. Internet + Game console. Plus they’ll also throw in Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter, 1 Wii AV Cable. You won’t find such a good deal anywhere in Malaysia. Trust me.

So, if you’re in the United States, Click Here for a Chance to Win a Nintendo® Wii™!

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