Study Plans

I’m graduating soon – sometime in June if I pass all my subjects *crosses fingers* – and I’m worried. Initially, the plan was to obtain my Bachelor of Science Honors Degree then work for about six months to a year and then go overseas to continue my Masters.

Ah but then I’m not going to be a full time student. The plan is to work part time and study part time also. I’m sure it’ll be interesting you know, being in a new place. A new experience.

Oh, in addition to that, perhaps after I complete my Masters, I can try and look for a job overseas in which ever country that I’m planning to study. Then perhaps stay there and never come back to Malaysia. LOL! That’s an interesting thought actually.

I don’t want to be old and busy working then have to think about getting my masters. Like my dad, he has to work from morning – and he has to leave early to avoid the jam – all the way till night – he only gets back around 8pm – then he has to study for his MBA. And thats not including having dinner and resting a little while.

Seeing him struggle to complete his part time MBA program makes it look very difficult. Come to think of it, Im sure it’ll be really hard to concentrate on both work and studies at the same time. Its kinda convenient that most universities including Pepperdine Uni offers part-time MBA programs for working adults such as my dad.

Oh well, those are some of my long term plans. Only time will tell whether or not they will come true right. Now all I gotta do is concentrate and work hard on my final semester and graduate first.

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