Suburban Housewife

We have new neighbors. Its two young Malay couples who (I assume) are renting the house right in front of mine. When my parents were just married, they also shared rent with 2 other young couples back in Miri. In fact, I grew up with one of their daughters so much so that we were considered as sisters.

I wonder when will I get the opportunity to live in my own house. I love those suburban houses like the ones in that TV Series Desperate Housewives who live in Wisteria Lane. Single and double story houses which huge lawns. Much like the picture below.

The Mount Pleasant Real Estate has houses just like that. Gorgeous! Its somewhere in South Carolina. Its so easy to get a house there because they guide you through the whole process from deciding the perfect home to learning about all the confusing and tricky tax laws. They also educate you on the current marketing conditions. Its like having someone to hold your hand and help you make this major life decision of buying a house.

There are also other real estates available like Isles of Palm Real Estate, Wild Dunes, Folly Beach, James Island, and West Ashley. Perhaps one day I can live in the suburban housewife lifestyle.

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