Tag: 50 first impressions

You have the write the first thing/phrase that pops into your mind. Here goes

  1. Beer: Carlsberg
  2. Food: Sushi
  3. Relationships: Sweet (while it lasts that is)
  4. Your crush: B
  5. Power Ranger: *cue theme song* Go! Go! Power Rangers!
  6. Life: Is a bliss (so far)
  7. The President: Bushy?
  8. Yummy: Chocolate covered strawberries
  9. Cars: The cartoon
  10. Movie: Cineleisure
  11. Halloween: Is underrated here
  12. Sex: Rocks
  13. Religion: Touchy subject
  14. Friendster: Not as fun as facebook
  15. Fear: Is in the mind, overcome it and the world is yours
  16. Marriage: is still a long long way
  17. Blondes: are dumb
  18. Slippers: Those furry house slippers
  19. Asians: are unique
  20. Past time: blogging
  21. One night stands: are so-so
  22. Cell Phone: Multifunctional
  23. Smoke: DJ Mix Apple flavour
  24. Fantasy: Final Fantasy?
  25. College : no comment
  26. Highschool: Form 5 was the best
  27. Pyjamas: Comfy
  28. Stars : For many wishes
  29. Fitness Center: are so high tech now
  30. Alcohol: Another one of my vices
  31. Money: Unlimited!
  32. Time: 9pm
  33. Divorce: Sad
  34. Dogs: are so loyal
  35. Family: Daddy
  36. Boyfriend: not many good ones available out there
  37. Girlfriend: annoying if they are jealous of their bf’s female friends
  38. University: LUCT
  39. Rejections: Im always the one doing it :P
  40. Love at first sight: Ridiculous
  41. Virgin: A dying breed
  42. Friends: Pam, Aree, Lola, Grace
  43. Love: still eludes me

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