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    My two cents on the #NajibCNY issue and how they got your email (and SMS?)

    A few days ago, a couple of people received and email from our Prime Minister @NajibRazak wishing them a happy Chinese New Year. Naturally, many were concerned on where he obtain their email addresses. At first I thought it was sent to people/bloggers who signed up for his tea parties and dinners that he has organized to meet and greet his online friends. This was not the case. Neither was it sent out to people who registered to vote. Amanz.my (full article in BM here) later reported that the email was obtained from “media prima database and others”. This information was in fact given by the CEO of Media Prima…

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    Celcom Mobile Broadband IP Range

    I found out what is celcom’s IP range today. This is why : IP : IP range: – Network name: CELCOMNET Description: Celcom Internet Service Provider Country: MY Address: Celcom (M) Bhd Level 10, Block F, Dataran 3 Two, No 2 , Jalan 19/146300, Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan p/s: Need i stress again that only cowards stay anonymous?

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    Happy Telco New Rates (Mahal siot!)

    For those who don’t know, Happy is a sub-telco of Digi which launched in 2007 and offers a very cheap flat rate of RM0.99 to any telco provider – including landlines (Telekom Malaysia), Maxis, Hotlink, Celcom, XPAX, UOX, SOX, UMobile & Digi. I wrote a post about it in 2007 and so did many other bloggers like MohdIsmail, Qai, Empithree, Manchurr, Mixterr & Khai. Today, 22 January, Happy telco released its new rates. And its quite a shock to most people – in fact, I think many people are not even aware of it. Quoted from the website [Happy News], Thursday, 22 January 2009 Happy is now HAPPIER with brand…