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    Not enough requirements

    I wanted to install Heroes of Might and Magic IV (yea i know, old game) because I found the CD when I was clearing my table and was wondering how come i bought the CD and never ended up playing. Perhaps my earlier system couldn’t support it. Anyway, so I ran the installation file and got this error (click to see a bigger pic in a new window): Lol! Apparently 2gb of memory may make my game run sluggishly, become unstable or fail to run at all. In the end, I couldn’t install it coz it was stuck at 78%. No wonder I didn’t install it the last time

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    My New Rig & Football Tales

    That’s a picture of my new rig. Thought of getting silver and black casing to match my monitor & speakers but the silver/black one doesn’t look so nice as this red/black one. Its not so fancy or kelip2 with blues and greens but its good enough. Besides, case modding is mostly for eye candy. Its the INSIDE that counts isn’t it? ;) Specifications : Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz 2.00 GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT CD/DVDW (which I nicked off my previous PC) 320GB HDD Some not-a-cap-ayam PSU (slightly more pricy then the normal PSU) Total cost :RM1870 + RM53 for 50 pcs blank DVDs. Many2 thanks to Perampok (www.perampok.com)…