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    Tokyoflash Nekura Progression Watch

    I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I want to get a watch. Well I actually bought one from Japan via this website – www.tokyoflash.com Granted its very much like a guy’s watch but it’s really cool. Yea yea, Im a sucker for cool and unique things :P Nuff talk, more pics! Red backlight. I didnt remove the plastic protector. There’s a few other colours – green, blue, orange, etc – which you can set Nice yea? I knowww :D

  • MoBlogging

    Impromptu road trip

    It has been really bloody hot in KL the past few days. I’ve been spending my days wearing the absolute minimum amount of clothing and sealing off my room to the outside heat. Then I was chatting with a friend yesterday who had a room in Awana with two queen sized beds due to some kind of meeting and I was invited to come. So apa lagi, after packing a change of clothes, my laptop (coz the room has wifi- yey!), filling my car with petrol, I shot off to Genting at around 5.00pm. Surprisingly the MRR2 wasn’t jammed. Only one lane in Kepong was closed. In less than 2…

  • Downloads,  Tech

    [Tech Tuesday] Vista Drive Icon

    If you are using WinXP, opening My Computer gives you a view like the above. As you can see, I have 3 hard disks – 60GB partitioned into C & E drives and 80GB for D drive. I also have a floppy (does any one even use them these days?), DVD/CD-RW Drive, DVD-RW Drive, loads of Removable Disks (due to my card reader) and a virtual DVD Drive (L: ) for disc images. Its a bit hard to see how much space you are using unless you select Details View. In Vista, the Icons view gives you a bar underneath to show how much space you’re using. For us folks…