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    Cut the Rope now FREE on IE9!

    Cut the Rope is one of my favourite games on the iPhone. Its a puzzle game where candy is tied on strings and you will have to manipulate and cut the strings to feed a green blob called "Om Nom". Apparently it has been downloaded over 60 MILLION times to date! The great news today is that, instead of paying $0.99 (approx RM3~) at the AppStore (US link), you can now get it for FREE on PCs with Internet Explorer 9 installed. Now I know that many people especially designers and web developers, may cringe at the mention of IE but as I wrote during the launch of IE9 beta…

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    Cheap roaming calls while overseas? (Flexiroam Giveaway!)

    I’ve been blessed in 2011 to have travelled to many places throughout the year – Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Penang, Hong Kong for a work trip, Malacca for my birthday trip and most recently, my first Euro trip to Venice, Rome and London. The hustle and bustle of the Hong Kong streets As a “seasoned traveller”, my habit is to usually research on the best prepaid multisim telco provider in the destination I was planning to travel. Now there are two problems with that : I will not be able to receive incoming calls/texts to my Malaysia number (because I’ve swapped out the simcard). But, if I don’t get a local…

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    Gadget Review : Energizer XP2000 Powerpack

    I’ve been using this Energizer Energi To Go XPal XP2000 for more than a year now I think. Yea, yea slowpoke, I know! I’m actually quite surprised that a lot of people are not aware of this thing. There are actually a couple of different brands for power packs/external battery pack but I choose Energizer because it is a reputable brand. You don’t want to buy a cheap power pack only to plug it into your expensive smartphone and spoil it! I initially bought this for my iPhone 3Gs and HTC Desire but I’m always lending out to friends to charge their blackberries and Nokias. The Charger also works for…

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    Theme Change : Koi

    Yea, new theme again. As usual, its another free theme,this time by the good people at http://themify.me titled “Koi”. Finished setting up the widgets over the weekend. Tell me what you guys think, are there errors, etc. Looking forward to your feedback!

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    Trying out Google Sketchup

    I saw Azmanishak’s post about ‘Buat Perabut Rumah‘ using Google Sketchup and thought I’d give it a try. Its been a while since I used any 3d software. Last being 3D Studio Max back in college. So I downloaded Google SketchUp 7 (its FREE!) and watched some training vids before starting. Basically, it has functions such as extrude (pull out, pull in), move, rotate, scale and resize. So after playing with it and getting use to it for about an hr, i came up with this rough 3d image of my room. Its incomplete. So far i just finished the bed, table, documents cabinet and the curtains. This is how…