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    Happy Telco New Rates (Mahal siot!)

    For those who don’t know, Happy is a sub-telco of Digi which launched in 2007 and offers a very cheap flat rate of RM0.99 to any telco provider – including landlines (Telekom Malaysia), Maxis, Hotlink, Celcom, XPAX, UOX, SOX, UMobile & Digi. I wrote a post about it in 2007 and so did many other bloggers like MohdIsmail, Qai, Empithree, Manchurr, Mixterr & Khai. Today, 22 January, Happy telco released its new rates. And its quite a shock to most people – in fact, I think many people are not even aware of it. Quoted from the website [Happy News], Thursday, 22 January 2009 Happy is now HAPPIER with brand…

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    Tutorial: Pacmee – Malaysian Twitter

    Hey guys! Tuesday again, time for another tutorial. Was my last tutorial about spoilers helpful? I hope so. Sorry couldn’t upload this post earlier, my internet was down because my modem got electrocuted after the heavy rain yesterday. Edit : pacmee can only be used for hotlink/maxis users. Boo! Have you guys noticed the newest addition to my sidebar on the right? Its under SMS Updates. That small widget is updated via SMSes from me about my current updates. Meaning I don’t have to be physically in front of the PC to make my update. Cool eh? Let me teach you how to get one