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    Malaysian football sucks

    I watch football matches occasionally. Mostly matches from bigger games such as the world cup, EPL and the like. I dont follow a particular team but I don’t like Manchester United (MU fans, don’t hate me!) – I think they’re too “branded”, I don’t really know how to explain it. I prefer Liverpool. :P Anyway, I never watch local Malaysian football matches – not even if you gave me tickets for free. Why? Because its boring. The games don’t feel exciting like how the international matches are. Plus its really cool to see all the players happily taking photos with the football trophies after that – they’re really hot. Perhaps…

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    I got my cheque from Advertlets

    Yey! I FINALLY got my cheque from Adverlets. “But you have no ads on your site?” I hear you say. Well, last year, I had ads in my blog. First Advertlets and, some time after that, Nuffnang (this was before they introduced Glitterati & Titan). After seeing the rather slow trickle of money coming into my account, I decided to withdraw or cash out all RM113.52 of it and delete all the ads. The result was this ad-free blog. So yea, anyways, finally received the money that I cashed out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy back at the end of FEBRUARY. Yes! It took them 4 months to pay me (due to some error…

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    Tutorial: Pacmee – Malaysian Twitter

    Hey guys! Tuesday again, time for another tutorial. Was my last tutorial about spoilers helpful? I hope so. Sorry couldn’t upload this post earlier, my internet was down because my modem got electrocuted after the heavy rain yesterday. Edit : pacmee can only be used for hotlink/maxis users. Boo! Have you guys noticed the newest addition to my sidebar on the right? Its under SMS Updates. That small widget is updated via SMSes from me about my current updates. Meaning I don’t have to be physically in front of the PC to make my update. Cool eh? Let me teach you how to get one