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    Meraba Bontot?

    Guess what (or rather, who) I managed to capture on camera while I was lepaking in a kedai mamak in Klang. Eww..what were they doing? p/s: sorry fafa & bammy coz couldnt go out lepak last nite. I lepaked Sunday night and missed class on monday so Mother was making noise.

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    The Casanova’s Demise?

    “End of the era of a casanova” said Pam. She met her already. I shook my head and laughed in disbelief. After hearing lots of stories about this gal and that gal, he said he met someone. And it was serious. “Im not jahat like before already,” said A. I finally met her – his new girlfriend today. “Oh..ini ke si dia yg I dah dgr byk citer,” I said as I salam her tangan. Sweet girl. A bit quiet tho. A ‘missy’ who drive a Jazz, quite classy looking juga. We had some fun kutuking laughing at some of his bad habits – like the fact that he’s a…