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    Berita Harian : Blogger Untung RM 1 Juta (Blogger earns RM 1 Million)

    So last sunday, the weekend pullout of Berita Harian called Berita Minggu ran a huge headline titled “Blogger untung RM1 juta” which loosely translates as “Blogger earns RM1 million” and featured a blogger with the caption “Blog saya pernah mencapai jumplah tertinggi kira-kira RM12,000 sebulan”

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    Happy Telco New Rates (Mahal siot!)

    For those who don’t know, Happy is a sub-telco of Digi which launched in 2007 and offers a very cheap flat rate of RM0.99 to any telco provider – including landlines (Telekom Malaysia), Maxis, Hotlink, Celcom, XPAX, UOX, SOX, UMobile & Digi. I wrote a post about it in 2007 and so did many other bloggers like MohdIsmail, Qai, Empithree, Manchurr, Mixterr & Khai. Today, 22 January, Happy telco released its new rates. And its quite a shock to most people – in fact, I think many people are not even aware of it. Quoted from the website [Happy News], Thursday, 22 January 2009 Happy is now HAPPIER with brand…

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    OMG! I lost my Penis!

    Wouldn’t that be funny? If you’re a guy (or your bf/hubby) and your penis suddenly shrunk and disappeared. I’m sure you (or they) will freak out. Funny thing is, it’s suspected to be happening in Congo. Click on the spoiler to read the news article. [spoiler]KINSHASA (Reuters) – Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men’s penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft. Reports of so-called penis snatching are not uncommon in West Africa, where belief in traditional religions and witchcraft remains widespread, and where ritual killings to obtain blood or body parts…