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    My digital photos are here (& how to get yours for free!)

    A few days ago, I wrote this post titled [Tutorial] Print Digital Photos online with EOE that showed you a step by step method on how to get your digital photos printed online at EOE’s website and sent straight to your doorstep. A few days after I have made my order, I got my package. Its a nicely wrapped 50pcs of 4R photos and 2 pcs of 8R photos. As you can see, I printed a lot of my graduation photos – since they were all digital photos and I wanted a hard copy. Each 4R print only costs RM0.30 and each 8R photos is RM6 each. Also you get…

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    [Tutorial] Print Digital Photos online with EOE

    I was surfing around the other day and came across this site that allows you to print your digital photos online. All you have to do is upload the photos, choose what size you want, and then make payment. Then they will send all the printed photos to your address. So I decided to try it out and write a short tutorial as well :D Hope you guys find this helpful Step One Go to www.eoe.com.my and click the REGISTER button on the top. This is a standard login, so just fill in your details and reply the confirmation email. Step Two Look at the top and click on Shopping…

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    Out with the girls

    I finally quit my moping around at home and went out on Wednesday. First was tea with a guy friend with whom I’ve been postponing meeting coz of time constraints. Then I met up with Pam, Aree, Jazzy, Ayman & Taufan at Empress Cafe, Curve. I had a bottle of shisha. Wee~ shisha makes me happy :P Then lepaked and chit-chatted with Pam and her friends at Idaman till around 2am plus. On Thursday we woke up and Aree came over and we had lunch at this nice place in KJ that serves N9 food. Sedap (no pics tho coz we were starving and instantly attacked the food). Then we…

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    My new baby & a quiet raya

    I got my new baby – red hot Perodua Viva! Finally! Well I’ve had it for almost a week now, since Thursday (11 Oct) thanks to Azman who rushed the whole process just so I could get it before Raya. Thanks loads! I really like my number plate as well – WQQ then 4 odd numbers after that. My mom is quite happy there are no ‘4’ in the number plate. The reason why I didnt get a Myvi was because my parents wanted to get a 2nd cheaper car since we already have the Honda. If we were thinking of buying a main car, then a myvi would be…

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    Hawaiian Luau Party

    Click for more photos in this album — Luau Bday Party For my birthday, I originally planned to just have a small get together to makan2. I was craving for steamboat and hot plate so that was the dinner menu that night. Plus it’ll be easy to prepare, just cut up all the raw stuff, panaskan the soup/broth then let the people cook what they want.