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    Malaysia Top 7 Most Horny Country

    I stumbled upon something interesting the other day. Askmen.com made a Top 10 List of the Horniest Countries in the world. They used the data from the 2008 Durex sex survey to rate the countries that gets the highest amount of sex. Yes! Surprisingly, us sexy, hot Malaysians made it into the top 10. 10. Mexico 09. Switzerland 08. Spain 07. Malaysia 06. Italy 05. Poland 04. China 03. Russia 02. Brazil 01. Greece  The write up on Malaysia says: In public, this country definitely appears conservative. For example, there was a recent controversy over whether sex education should be taught in high school or not — not exactly sexually…

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    [Video] Sufiah Yusof’s Confession on Sex

    I’m sure by now we’ve all heard about the Sufiah Yusof, the mathematical genius who at the tender age of 13 was offered a place in Oxford, who now is a prostitute for a living. Perhaps the only reason why everyone is so kecoh about it is that she’s has a Malaysian mother (she’s British people, get ur facts right!) and is a Muslim. Exclusive video interview on her confession about sex after the jump!

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    Prosecute non-Muslims for khalwat

    So are they thinking of enforcing syariah laws on everyone now? Proposal to prosecute non-Muslims for khalwatThursday April 3, 2008 – excerpt from The Star Online   KUALA LUMPUR: A seminar on Syariah Law review wants non-Muslims found committing khalwat (close proximity) with Muslims to also be held liable. This was among the proposals made at the two-day seminar organised by the Islamic Institute of Understanding Malaysia (Ikim) and the Syariah Judiciary Department Malaysia.   Syariah Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Mohd Asri Abdullah said the seminar had proposed that non-Muslims committing khalwat with Muslims should also be sentenced accordingly, but in the civil courts.   “We don’t have the…