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    Nokia Music Explorer : TV Themes

    My song recommendations this week with the theme : TV Series 1. Jason walker – Down frm "Vampire Diaries S01E06" Once in a while you hear a particular song in the background while watching shows and you know that you MUST get the full song. This was one of it. "I shot for the sky, I’m stuck on the ground So why do i try, I know I’m gonna fall down… I thought I could fly, So why did I drown I never know why, It’s coming down, down, down"   2. Cosy in the Rocket – "Grey’s Anatomy" Theme I forgot who sang this, it doesn’t really say in…

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    Money’s not good enough for myNews Bangsar

    I work somewhere nearby the Bangsar LRT and usually eat around that area. I needed to withdraw money so I took the escalator upstairs with a colleague to the Bangsar LRT because there’s a Maybank ATM. I owed her some money so I need to break my RM50s I just withdrew. So around 3.30pm, I went to the myNews kiosk to buy something to break the note. The cashier was a male of mixed descent who was holding a bunch of notes in his hand. I’m not too sure but maybe he was sorting money in the till. I picked a roll of mentos berry and gave to the cashier.…

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    Marié Digby is coming to KL!

    WheE~ the gorgeous Marié Digby is going to be in KL! Yep yep! Got to know about it a few weeks ago through Facebook. She’s having a public showcase in One Utama, New Wing. More details after the jump!