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    TGV Club (Sunway) – A premier movie experience

    The TGV Club is a new premier concept movie theater which just opened in TGV Sunway Pyramid offering a special experience from moviegoers. TGV graciously invited members of the media and social media influencers to experience this new offering/product that they had. We started off in the outside area near the Cantina for a selection of reds and whites, mostly from Australia (and sponsored by GAB I believe). Then it was a walk into the Lounge with a display of their SUPER YUMMY Popcorn Royale.   (photos from TGV Facebook page. My phone was running out of batt so didn’t take photos) As you can see the lounge is pretty…

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    [Video] Freeze for World Earth Day

    As you know, Hitz.FM in collaboration with Random Alphabets and United Colours of Malaysia decided to host a freeze in conjunction with World Earth Day. Participants were required to freeze in positions that created awareness about the state of our earth today such as pollution, etc etc. You can read more about it in my previous post here. These are the videos from the event:

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    Freeze For World Earth Day

    After all that buzz created by the KL Freeze @ Pavilion the other day, Hitz.FM requested that another freeze be organized in conjunction with World Earth Day so here are the details: Venue : Sunway Pyramid Time : 8.00pm or 2000 hours Date : 20th April 2008 (Sunday) And here’s a (because some might say that its useless and waste of time) REALLY GOOD REASON to do it: The average person globally uses 2255 Watts of power, or a little less than 23 x100 Watt light bulbs (www.wattzon.org). Thats wasting a lot of power. Now imagine that we freeze the daily activities of as many people as possible for only…