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    Hawaiian Luau Party

    Click for more photos in this album — Luau Bday Party For my birthday, I originally planned to just have a small get together to makan2. I was craving for steamboat and hot plate so that was the dinner menu that night. Plus it’ll be easy to prepare, just cut up all the raw stuff, panaskan the soup/broth then let the people cook what they want.

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    Selamat Hari Gawai~

    [This is the picture of the Kumang BidayuhBahagian Miri – which shows the traditional costume of my race] Ahh Gawai, how I loved goin back to kampung, lepaking with all my cousins, uncles and aunties seeing how much everyone has grown (horizontally and vertically). My dad grew up in a small kampung (village) at Batu Sepuluh (literally 10 miles from Kuching town) with 7 other siblings. He is the youngest of a family of eight. Such fun going ngaban (visiting) all the open houses in the kampung. Gawai is the Harvest Festival for the native tribes in Sarawak (similar to the Kaamatan in Sabah). It is officially celebrated on the…