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    Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at Amcorp Mall

    The book sale of the year was back. The Big Bad Wolf store was having yet another massive book sale. I’ve heard really good things about the book sale early this year and so I was determined to come to this one. It was at Amcorp Mall – 3rd floor (where the cinema previously was). Planned to go on Friday evening but I couldn’t get away early so decided to go this morning. Was hoping that it being a public holiday, most people would have balik kampung or be at the mosque. Heard “horror” stories about how packed it was on Friday so Sat morning was my best bet.

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    Of books and online shopping

    Someone said that its been a while since I wrote a proper post. Sorry! Been so busy lah :P Main been catching up with all my pending assignments. Have 3 projects this final sem *die!*. One of my assignments requires a short animation in 3d and this is my character, a lego man/robot. Thats a rendering of my character. I had to add knees to my lego man to allow for better movement later when I animate it. This class is really so much fun! We did bones last week and this week we’re doing skinning. Its all done in 3ds max 6. I actually have 3dsmax 9 but the…