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    New Look, New Theme

    Found this really nice theme online – Simple Balance 2.2.1 by Alex Cristache(credits in footer) and decided that my birthday is sometime this month, it was time for a fresh new look for my blog as well :D This is probably the 3rd or 4th design so far. I only lightly tweaked this theme. Didn’t change much because I like how it looks already. Just added some extra queries to eliminate certain categories and also added a leaderboard ad. This is how the old theme looks like – left pic. Click for full size screenshot. It was Smashing Theme by Design Disease (http://wp-themes.designdisease.com). Right screenshot is how it looks like…

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    Theme Change!

    I kinda got annoyed with the fixed width of my previous theme Areia Azul which was smaller than 400px and I can’t change it. Plus it was looking a bit too cluttered. So I decided to change themes. It was surprisingly fast to change themes coz I didn’t change any elements of the sidebar so it was mostly copy paste. I’m currently using Smashing Theme – a simple mainly white with orangey highlights – by DesignDisease. I’m a big fan of DesignDisease’s very colourful free themes such as Illicrimo with its various hues of blues and yellows, GossipCity with its starry pictures (I’ve used the previous two it in my…

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    Tech Tuesday:Audio Player

    ** This post will be written inĀ  BM ** Pernah nampak tak pemain audio dalam blog geng panoda rakan-rakan anda? AudioPlayer adalah antara plugin yg senang untuk meletakkan lagu ke dalam post anda dengan cara yg cantik dan menarik. Click utk baca cara-cara (step-by-step) utk menginstallkan plugin itu dlm blog anda.Atau download tutorial ini dalam bentuk PDF dari [sini].