Tanah Airku

Finger painting the flag

Despite the fact that i was so pissed off the other day(pls read my previous post) , it was actually rather fun to see the Karnival Patriotik on campus. Flags everywhere, dancers in traditional costumes, kompangs, other musical instruments, and what not. There was even a mural which students can fingerpaint and everyone was getting into the mood of helping.

What really struck me was after the VIPs came and we all clapped hands (that was what we were there for – to clap hands and make the cafeteria area look full) the Negaraku played. And, when it was playing, everyone – lecturers, VIPs, Indonesians, Nigerians, Botswanians and particularly Malaysians – stopped whatever they were doin and stood up straight. The malaysians (me included) were singing along to the words. Some just mumbling the words but others singing it out loud and proud.

It struck me that such a song – the embodiment of a nation free after much struggle – in such a place – a ‘creative’ university where everyone wears ‘kain tak cukup’ and have utterly no regard for anything other than themselves – could still conjour up the pride we have in our nation. Because however bad Malaysia is and we know how much things can suck it is still our home.

Malaysia, Tanah airku.


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