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Tennis and raya

I went to play tennis for the first time on Raya eve (9/1) at erin’s place. It was really fun – albeit the fact that I didn’t know how to play. Was hard at first concentrating on the ball and missed so many times but got the hang of it after a while. I hv tis slight bruise on my arm when erin accidently hit me using the ball. Ouch!

Woke up on the 10th with my shoulder and back aching a little. Went to beraya at Sid’s hse. His mom cooks fantastic food – lontong, lemang, beef, chicken rendang, nasi minyak. Yummy!! I think i had 2 helpings or more (so much for the exercise in tennis the day before :P). I dont really like to eat lontong, so had the nasi minyak & chicken which was really fantastic. Then we had desserts – chocolate cake, small oranges, chocolate crinkle (a kind of cookie) and kuih bahulu. My fave!! Spent the whole day at his house, having good conversation and fantastic food. Only went back around 6-7pm.

I was reading a fren’s blog dated 9 jan and somehow got the nagging feeling that it was referring to me. Am i perasan or not? :P It was about telling someone what you disliked about them. Im known to be very honest in my sometimes hurtful comments, especially if im close to the commentee. Though some might call it callous, insensitive and untactful but i’d prefer to be honest than be a hypocrite. Wouldnt you?
El, takziah diucapkan utk you and ur family. I baru dapat tahu ttg arwah atuk u. My deepest condolences.

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  • farmgirl2k2

    brutal honesty usually shed you frm being in their friend list. but i prefer black truth than white lies for at the end of the day the return for apologizing session that what they like most

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