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TGV Club (Sunway) – A premier movie experience

The TGV Club is a new premier concept movie theater which just opened in TGV Sunway Pyramid offering a special experience from moviegoers.

TGV graciously invited members of the media and social media influencers to experience this new offering/product that they had. We started off in the outside area near the Cantina for a selection of reds and whites, mostly from Australia (and sponsored by GAB I believe). Then it was a walk into the Lounge with a display of their SUPER YUMMY Popcorn Royale.


(photos from TGV Facebook page. My phone was running out of batt so didn’t take photos)

As you can see the lounge is pretty spacious. They removed the tables and chairs to make way for cocktail tables but one side of the area has a row of sofas (not in pic). The middle table also has ‘bar stools’ so you can sit around and chit chat or order food/drinks while waiting.


Kenny Wong, CEO of TGV Cinemas said a few words thanking us to for attending. Kenny is one of the most friendly and down to earth CEOs I’ve met (not that I’ve met many) and its quite interesting to see how much TGV has progressed since he took over the reins.


After some drinks and nibbles, we were ushered into the cinema halls (there are two) to watch Underworld : Awakening (Kate Beckinsale in black leather and skin-tight Kenny came in to make sure everyone was comfortably seated and we had a bit of photo taking before the movie started.


The Cinema Halls

The halls are the smaller halls with limited seats. The last two rows consists of 8 couple/twin seats while the other rows have 10 seats each. The couple seats are so big that I saw 3 guys who tested the sit and manage to sit comfortably. Each seat is also separated by a small table with a cupholder to hold your goodies.

So the big question is, how much is it la?

Its RM25 for the single seats while the twin seats are RM52 for two people. Its quite affordable considering the comfort level you get. Also I would recommend to sit in the top 4 rows for optimum viewing pleasure.

I’ve already been to TGV IMAX (watched MI4 there – awesome!) and now the TGV Club which I think will be nice for an occasional treat. Next is to try the Beanieplex!


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