That specky, chubby man

I always get this comment “you have such sporting/cool parents” – usually referring to me being able to go out late at night and hving support in whatever i decide to embark into. My dad has always been the silent one. I guess you could call him a passive volcano…mostly quiet but erupts with ferocity when the pressure is too much.

We had our skirmishs and big fights…there has been a few times that Dad has verbally thrown me out of the house but after that apologizing for his fit of anger (which i actually deserve).


Im sorry for all the wrong and bad things i did to you. You loved me unconditionally & did so much for me : when i ran away from home, when i almost slit my wrists, when i nearly drowned in a hotel pool even tho u were wearing your last pair of pants, when I came back at 4pm but forgot to bring the housekey, sending me here and there at every hour of the day and night, secretly giving me money when i go out even tho mom didnt approve, all these any more…acts of love i cannot repay, of which i am forever indebted

Happy fathers day to you Dad *huggles*

Lots of love, Fi

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