The children understand it

I first saw this advert over in Khai’s blog. As you can see from comments in his blog and on utube, there are many different views about it.

Some said that “kanak2 zaman skrang, kecik2 dah mula menggatal” which loosely translates to, ‘Kids these days, so young and already so perverted due to the fact that they are talking about liking one another, boyfriends and then holding hands and walking away at the end of the advert.

Another type of comment was “protect our malay daughters from the hands of these chinese infidels before they take over the country“. Some were saying how bad the director is for promoting these kind of propaganda using children. Actually, come to think of it, most were negative especially the uploader in utube.

This is actually a Petronas ad for Malaysia’s 50th year of independence. In case you guys didn’t know, (according to daddy dearest) most of the ads for Petronas are done by Yasmin Ahmad and people look forward to her ads every year. Even tho im not sure if this is actually done by her, I would expect something like this – knowing her view on the Malaysian mentality and her courage in speaking out about controversial issues.

Personally, I think that this ad is about our interracial country. It shows how a [tag]malay girl[/tag] and a chinese boy can be best friends. To those that said the kids pandai menggatal, I say, come on! you were kids once. What was love then? Nothing serious right, just an ‘i like you, do you like me?‘ puppy [tag]love[/tag] or cinta monyet kind of senario. And its absolutely adorable if you ask me.

I seriously think that some of the people who comment are idiots, plain stupid, have kampung mentality, not matured enough to see the bigger picture. Why turn an innocent, adorable scenario into a racist, perverted thing? When you were kids, did you care that you friends was a different race from you? I doubt you even noticed that they were different.

Perhaps the ad was right, after 50 years of independence, sadly, it’s only the children who understand it :(


  • Khai

    huh.. komen panas dari Iced Nyior.. hurm… tapi ntuk iklan ini dikaitkan sebagai perkauman pula, mmg tidak patut langsung la..

    Mungkin iklan ini telah dirancang skip’nya untuk kelihatan lebih menarik.. that why ada makan malam romantik dan memacam lagi.. over matured sungguh kanak2 itu kalau begitu…

    hahaha.. just my 10 kupang… haha

  • hafreze

    one of my lecturer said, he was Profesor Stanley, teaching us about managerial communication, critical thinking n other philosophy subjects, he is 80 years old..he said

    ‘Yasmin ahmad’s movies were brilliant, especially Muksin’

    So, if the Profesor already said like that, how about us?..a person that lack of knowledge, experiences and +++..

    renung2 kan laa

  • emptyspace

    ya i also admit the films are brilliant and I never said that the films were stupid or what so ever.. but it’s fake..

    kalau melayu goes malay school, chinese goes chinese school, indian goes indian school.. where got perpaduan or aman damai.. it’s just they are only mind their own business.. so.. fake fake fake

  • conancat

    awww the kids are sooo cute!! the boy looked so innocent and happy towards the end haha… and yeah agree with you, what do kids know about racism and whatsoever, they like then like lor… very innocent de “i like you you like me we are happy family” sort of stuff :)

    back then we never thought of so many things. i also liked a girl back then… then forgotten about it after three days XD

  • deo

    wtf? this is one of my fav ads ever. and when i watch the ad, i didnt think beyond interracial thing. the message portrayed here is just that even kids understand about unity, especially inter racial unity.

    whoever thinks this ad goes down to marriage are just pervert and is so narrow-minded, nak kena campak ke lubang mana2 ditanam hidup2 or campak je ke laut bagi jerung makan.

    btw, whats so wrong about kawin campur?! i agreed with you, everyone of us had experience this.. fell in ‘love’ while in primary school. that doesn’t mean we’ll end up marrying that boy or girl. or can i say anyone who hasn’t had this experience has grown up as gay or lesbo?

    ini lah modal insan yang Malaysia ada…

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