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The IT expert. NOT!

Its weird how some people think Im an IT expert juz because of the course Im doing. So much so that they expect me to kno anything and everything about computers and the internet. Im not like some people with 10 yrs of IT experience =P. I only know the basics and am very very bad at hardware summore. Anyway, lately people have been asking funny things.

Case Scenario 1

During a conversation with a friend on which highlighter/hair dye colour should she buy. She was asking me for suggestions and tips based on the L’Oreal Couleur Experte website

Her : Ehh what colour do you think I should get?
Me : I think French Eclair is nice la
Her : What do you think of Praline?
Me : Its a bit too blondish dont u think?
Her : Hmm *pauses for a bit* Do you know what Eva Longoria used on her hair?
Me : Don’t kno (I actually didnt even notice her on the first page of the website)
Her : Why you dont know? Cant you find it off the internet?
Me : Huh? How am I supposed to search for it? **
Her : Dunno, ur the internet expert what. You can find anything :P
Me : Aiya…not everything okayyy…..

Case Scenario 2

A conversation I had over Skype with a fren overseas

Fren : Fii!!! I ada masalah ngan laptop I..
Me : huh? apa masalah nye?
Fren : Dier slow dan icon dekat Time tu semua ilang.
Me : Eh apasal plak?
Fren : Tak tau la..dier asyik kuar torchlight je….pastu ‘hang’. Torchlight I rosak kot. Naper ahh?
Me : Apa torchlight-torchlight nih?
Fren : Tak tau la tapi bila buka sesuatu, dier keluar torchlight lama je.
Me : *blur…thinks hard for a bit*
Me : OOHHH……maksud u bila nak nak tunggu loading files or folders tu eh? Icon mcm torchlight tu mencari-cari file?
Fren : Haah, itula torchlight tu
Me : …….*speechless*


Its been a rather interesting day. I was online the whole morning from the night before (coz i couldnt sleep) then around 5.30pm i went to my fren’s place to help him with some website thingy. Spent a few hrs there teaching him and his friend how to code simple HTML and what not.

After that Ms Pammye ajak kuar…at first she said nak gi Summit coz clothes there are cheap. But then we decided to go all the way to Bukit Bintang because its been a while we went down to KL. She bought a really nice and cheap top. As usual i pegi window shopping je :P

We had chicken rice and after that was decided wana go to Planet Hollywood but decided not to and went to Idaman for some shisha instead. Came back around 2am then tgk bola kejap before i fell asleep in front of the tv, with my hand still holding the remote. lol!!

Oh, i found out my results would be out sometime after 5pm today. Wish me all the best :D


Something i found on the internet

Oppsy, bad shot


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