The job search is on


So it’s been one week since my training/course/whatever you want to call it in KLCC has ended. Phew! Two months of going up and down Damansara to KLCC at 7am and coming home at 6pm. The driving, the jam, the lugging my heavy laptop to and fro. The expensive meals in KLCC and its whereabouts.

It was an interesting two months. Made some new friends and colleuges. Learned a lot of things that will prove useful later (I hope :P). We finished up the course on Friday – submitted our reports & files + database – then had a farewell makan-makan in the office and also snapped photos on certain floors in Tower 1. Gedik! lol

So now, its on to search for jobs. Does anyone have a job vacancy for a Software Engineer / Multimedia Designer (includes flash & 3d)?

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