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The last few days of holiday

Have been savoring my last bits of holiday before started semester today. :D Am updating from uni (since the bangang streamyx is still down – mayb I should switch to Jaring Broadband).

Oh, I forgot to mention that I went out with this guy fren on the 14th nite. Not as a date tho, just to meet up. Wanted to watch Buli Balik but we missed the show time – due to the rain and what not so we watched Derailed instead – starring Jennifer Aniston. Quite an interesting movie with a twisted plot. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars. After that had dinner (more like supper coz it was at 9.30pm) at Dome. My friend wanted to pay for everything, but I insisted on goin dutch. Plus I kinda “forced” him to bring me out coz I was bored :P

Lesson of the day : A guy and girl going out is NOT considered a date

Then on the 16th went out to Cyberjaya with my mom & Gladys (Nick was busy in the morning) to register. Took about an hour because there was Sooo many people. Met up with a few old friends, but didnt really have the time for idle chitchat. Then went to Starbucks, Ikano to go online.

That night I rain checked on Nick‘s offer for dinner (sorry Nick!) and went out to my friend’s place in Pandan and had a few drinks with the housemates. Chit chat, talked a bit. I didnt eat anything since lunch so the alcohol hit me hard that nite. We had chivas+coke and vodka kurant+coke. But u kno, when u drink with those kinda of guys, u get like 2 parts alcohol to 1 part coke XP. Hehe…had like 7-8 drinks in total.

We went to Zouk after that (my fren was on the guestlist of one of the staff) but only went for an hour because we were both so buzzed already and there was so many people. Plus i really felt like puking due to the empty stomach. So we went back and after hurling everything out I felt soo much better & went to sleep.

Lesson of the day : No more drinking without eating.

Went back the next day. Did this craft project, a Bracelet holder made from an old wooden mug holder. Juz painted it with a woodstain and stuck shells onto it (will take a picture soon). Looks quite nice actually :P

Went to sleepover at my other friend’s place in Sg Besi. There was three of us so we juz lepak around, chit chat, listen to music, played guitar (well I was learning and my fren was playing). Was kind of fun but felt a bit tersisih at certain times. Maybe I was just tired :P Stayed there for 2 nites.

Lesson of the day : Sometimes three can be a crowd

Yesterday (Sunday morning) finally got back. Went to OU to look for sport shoes. Saw one Adidas one, but they didnt have my size. Im wearing 8 1/2 but they only had 8 and 9. 8 seems a bit narrow and 9 was a bit too long. Damn! Went to check in all other shops but they didnt have stock :( Decided to think about it. Would probably buy the size 8 one, because I’d rather have a slightly narrower one than a shoe that’s too loose. Price : RM216 + some goodies like tshirt, notebook.

Went home after lunch and my room was like a bombsite. Clothes hanging from every nook and cranny, table full of stuff and dust an inch thick. Obviously I havent had the time to actually clean up, been going in and out of the house, come back just to mandi and tido (just like a hotel. Hehe!) So took the time to do my laundry, lipat baju, clean my room, wipe the table, sweep, ect ect. Finally finished around 7pm and fell straight to sleep after a shower.

Woke up at 5am and wrote this post because I couldnt go back to sleep. Nick will be picking me up at 8.15am coz classes start at 9am. damn! so early!:P

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