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The Moo Experiment

I was bored one morning at 7.30am and decided to kacau everyone who was online in my contact list – much like what Su Ann did to her friends before, but I mostly used YM :P I also kacaued some ppl today at 7.30pm to see their reactions

My fren in Kepong:

Me: moo
R.K.: adeh..
R.K.: kenapa nih
R.K.: lain macam jer..
Me: hihihi
R.K.: kalau boring layan lagu ni jer
Me: u bagi i lagu nasyid?!?!?!
R.K.: bukan nasyid arr tuh
Me: mcm lagu nasyid
R.K.: mcm jer..tapi bukan
R.K.: u dengar la lirik dia bebetul
Me: malas
R.K.: hhmm…
Me: cenderawasih burung kayangan, tuanku putih kilau keemasan <—dlm ayat ni..i faham perkataan ‘burung’ je :))
Me: u nak suh i dgr lirik dia?
Me: malas XD
R.K.: cenderawsih tu burung yang cantik tau
R.K.: u search kat you tube bird of paradise
R.K.: bahasa melayu dia burung cenderawasih
Me: oooooooo

Classmate in Limkokwing London

Me: moo
Taufiq: ek
Taufiq: awal bangun dinda
Me: ah?
Me: tak tido lg
Taufiq ~: hehe.. agak dh

Fren in Aus who I hvn’t contacted for some time (on MSN):

[CoconutIce] so *this* is how it feels like says: moo  
Will says: what’s wrong Fiona?
[CoconutIce] so *this* is how it feels like says: morning 
[CoconutIce] so *this* is how it feels like says: heh just bored
Will says: lol
Will says: the cow looked sad
[CoconutIce] so *this* is how it feels like says: no its sleepy
Will says: ahhh

Forum frens:

Me: moo
Ghostblind: giler ?
Me: busan
Ghostblind: tidolah
Ghostblind: penat sangat dah tue

Me: moo
Uncle Saiful: :bz
Uncle Saiful: lol
Me: im bored
Uncle Saiful: yeah you and me

Me: moo 
ariel: ai nk kapel dgn ur sista (referring to my avatar)

Chat friends:

Me: moo

Me: moo

Me: moo

Me: moo
andy: final project presentation esok (referring to my status)
andy: tonite jadi lembu
andy: normal ah tu

Fren from KK:

Me: moo
wildh4wk: meow…
wildh4wk: how r u?
wildh4wk: havent heard from u for so long

This one is my gila childhood fren Kimberly who is now overseas (I forgot whr)

[CoconutIce] so *this* is how it feels like says: moo  
&%@*Saint*@#$! says:Baaaaaa ramm uuuuu

Deo‘s reaction

Me: moo
deoughtred: ish… tiba2 je ada moo

Yes, the things I do when I’m bored


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