The one about being out for 14 hrs!!

U kno how i always complain Im bored at home and I dont go out? Weirdly, i was out for 14 hrs from 10 am on Sat (15/1) till 12.45 am on Sun(16/1). This is goinna be a long draggy post. Up to la if u wana read. Hehehehe….

…10am – 12pm…

Sids & Andre picked me up then we went to pick Fudu (somewhere near Kelana Jaya) and he juz woke up so we waited for him..den went to eat lunch at Carrefour…den left to Nilai

…12 noon-3pm…

Drove down to Nilai Collage, met up with Andre’s sis – Bev – then went to eat in McD for the guys to eat their “2nd lunch” den left. That place is such a no-man’s land. And i thought Curtin Miri was bad. This is WORST! dang..the hostels look like prisons. Seriously! I regretted not bringing my digicam. :P

…3pm – 5 pm…

Decided to go watch a movie at Summit (Sids says they’re less ppl thr) so send Fudu back so that he can take his car to pick Hasan & gf somewhere (i forgot whr) and we (Sids, andre & I) went to pick Faris (Hasan’s bro) and his fren from Sunway. Imagine my surprise when Faris’ friend was none other then Suffian (sp?) who is the bf of my unimate. LOL! I tot he was still in KK.
Went to Summit and got tickets for Dollmaster (again!) at 5.15 pm

…5pm – 6.30pm…

Was watching the movie halfway when something happened *jeng jeng jeng*, the reel of film on the projecter actually burnt up. Huh? What happened was that the film on the projector turned yellow-orangy then actually burnt up, right in front of our eyes, leaving a white screen. So we demanded a refund and we waited outside d cinema….

…7pm – 8pm…

Instead of a RM9 refund, we got a complimentary pass to watch another movie, redeemable in 2 weeks. Lousy! So Sids, Andre & I then went to One U coz i had an appointment with the RBJers at 8pm.

…8.30pm – 12.45 am…

Met Adrian at Starbucks (sorry u had to wait so long!). The rest came about 9 pm – pinkpau, songjun, gwen, shuey & fren – then went to Chillis coz wanted to juz sit down and drink but it was full (as usual) – so we went to Waffle World to eat a lil. They kicked us out at around 10.30 pm tho (bad bad WW!!). Thanks for footing the bill shu~! :D

So we went to this mamak place – kayu nasi kandar at SS2 – which is like an upgraded version of a mamak stall/shop with an upstairs place with aircond and marble-jadelike tabletops & chairs & even a plasma TV (reminds me of a chinese restaurant). First time i’ve seen so-called “mamak” place like that….hehe!

Maybe I’m too used to eating mee goreng at a roadside stall, with the occasional car headlights scaning past, with one foot up on the chair..and elbows on the table, which is full of finished drink glasses, talking & laughing out loud and doin that suck-air-thru-ur-lips-till-it-sounds-like-kissing sound {so what if im a gal? doesnt mean i cant do that right? I always get shocked looks from my guy frens if i do that. roflmao} to catch the mamak guy’s and screaming “bos, tambah lagi teh o ais satu!”…ahh…that is my idea of a real mamak :P

so we sat there, talked and then took pics. Then Shu sent me back, reached home around 12.45 am and went online till now.

…by the way…

Im desperatly low on credit, so dont expect me to sms or call. my 016 only left RM0.01 and my 012 has only Rm0.30 left even tho i reloaded RM30 on d 2nd. Meaning i use an average of RM2 a day. Yikes! that’s double what i used to use.

Still waiting for a friend (yes a guy fren) to reload me phone…coz he owes me one. hehehe!


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