The Transformers Controversy

I guess I don’t have to explain how fantastic the transformers Movie was. Tickets were practically sold out within the first week it was released here. My friend called on Tuesday before it was released (Thurs if im not mistaken) and there were already no tickets. In the US, its already collecting $155,405,412 (as of 11 July 7.00am).

U know that shot in transformers where all the battleships are lined up. This shot..
Screen capture from Transformers the movie

Doesnt that look rather familiar?

Compare that to this shot from Pearl Harbour (yes! Michael Bay’s other movie).

Looks the same doesnt it?

Read more on the controversy here. As for me, Im planning to go watch it for the 2nd time in the IMAX teather. Who’s with me?


  • manchurr

    wahh! great catch there! (not u.. whoever it is hehe) anyway, baru aku igt pearl harbour ade gak ship familiar ni hehe.. alaa benda2 remeh ni.. xde benda la..

  • afiq

    Apa pun… Citer dia memang best gilEr tahap dewa. Memang aku pun nak tengok lagi. Tapi apa beza tengok citer tak 3D kat iMAX dengan panggung biasa?

  • IcedNyior

    Yep sharp betul mata derang kan?

    screen besar, so mesti lagi best tgk :P

    Apparently the pearl harbour shot was edited to remove the antenna and what not to make it look more simple and in tune with the WW2 era

  • tha_one

    sankai speilberg Says:
    July 12th, 2007 at 11:01 am
    kami(saya dan micheal bay) tidak menggunakan apa² imej dari mana2 muvie. ini hanya kebetulan..sila tengok official review kat sini


  • Ngah

    loh.. maybe masa tu anak die main ngan master tape ke.. pastu tertukar ngan tapi pearl harbour.. nk wat camne kan? sian maikel gei.. and.. sankai sepeilberg takde kena mengena ngan teranfuma.. kecuali dia la yg jadi mamat yg mati sebab kena pijak ngan megat toron.. peace ^o^V

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