The weekend is ending

Its a Sunday evening and I didnt do much this weekend. Juz met up with Cassie & Erin on Sat afternoon and walked around KLCC for a bit beore going back. Watched Malaysian Idol Grand Finale – Jac won, Dina got 2nd. I would prefer Dina win coz she is the underdog in this show. But undoubtedly Jac can sing better. Oh well….

Well, Im finally pleased with the layout of the blog…adjusted here and there. At one point, I tried adjusting the width and somehow the text didnt “wrap” – meaning I had long lines of text and had to scroll to the left to read it all.

Im having lack of sleep these few days. Didnt sleep d whole Fri nite and slept at around 3 am Sun morning before waking up at 8.30. I need my sleep…im a walking zombie.

Oh yeah, I bought this new book “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown which is a New York bestseller (if im not mistaken) and my some friends also gave good reviews of it. Going to start reading it tonite :)
Current mood: Sleepy
Now Listening to: Pulangkan by Misha Omar & Ezad – Pulangkan cinta hatiku, Oh hentikanlah menghantuiku, Oh pulangkan oh pulangkanlah padaku, Kupulangkan kesan hidupmu, Yang dikau musnah tanpa relaku, Bebaskanlah maafkan daku oh kasih
Recommended : An aircond room with the temperature considerably cold on my soft soft bed wrapped up in my dark blue comforter hugging my bolster

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