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the weekend

sorry i havent been updating. why the hell do i keep apologizing? Its my blog. Well i had a busy weekend.

…saturday night mamak-ing…

Went out with Z on Saturday to KLCC. Went to eat at Secret Recipe {had the gourmet pie…the inti was nice}, then went to watch “Be Cool” in the cinema {pretty good show with lotsa popular artists/singers}, went to Starbucks {I had mocha ice blended}, went to Keramat to mamak {but i didnt eat}….then went to Uptown to mamak {had char kuey tiau} and walk around the Pasar Malam. It was my first time going to the pasar mlm at Uptown….pretty interesting…but sooo many ppl. So many things to see and touch and smell {including bad BO = Body Odour. LOL!}. I had an absolutely great time. Thanks a lot for everything Z!! *huggles*

I came back at almost 4am. Yeah, 4 am!! {Kalau K Wynn mak I…sure kena tido kat corridor luar pintu condo. LOL!} My parents werent too happy about it the next day considering that i was so tired that i skipped church (-_-;) But tak kena marah la..just kena tegur nicely.

…me and my stupid mistakes…

I was supposed to meet Erin & Zul in Midvalley at 2 pm but but but but I overslept *big sweat forms at the back of forehead, anime style*. So sorry i was late guys…i know u guys are angry at me *cries*. Went to eat early dinner (5.30 pm) at McDs. Then went to watch “Spanglish” which was a nice feel-good family show. Then we walked around a bit. Then we went to uptown (again!) to eat coz erin hasnt been to uptown & we couldnt decide a better place to go. I ate kerang….yummy

Erin: Sorry babe that i wasnt in the mood and that you had to wait so long *sigh* totally my mistake
Zul: Sorry I heard that you didnt have a good time :( my mistake too…..

…im on MC…
Woke up with a teribble stomach ache and flu. Got an MC, went for lunch, and went to trim my hair (my mom didnt want to go back coz we had to pick my sis from school in another half hr) a bit. Going to sleep. bye!

…cut my hair…

Somehow i think i look a bit weird with the new hair, plus it feels weird coz it feels lighter….. mayb its just me

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