TheZestfulOne v1

yey! i moved to a new blog address :) nicer, shorter (compared to midnightdances) and sweeter ;)

So what’s new in this blog?

  • New name – yep i bought a new domain name coz the old one was too long and hard to rmbr (and plus it was expiring anyway)
  • Blogroll – am currently trying to figure out a way to put links to friends’s site in a proper way so that I can also do link exchanging
  • I want to implement “Download Fridays” where people can download stuff every friday – maybe one song, or an album, or a vid clip.
  • Find a new blog template – this is only temporary*done*
  • Rearranging Pictures – you notice that some of the pictures are missing, still working on that

Still adjusting the blog template and what not so yea..enjoy!

[Edit:] I didnt use my own name coz my dad nie kalo boring2 likes to google our names, he found my old twitter account and said i was “revealing too much and too open”. Whatever lah =;


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