This is my Song….

I hope you dont mind, i hope you dont mind….that I’ve put down in words……
~ “Your Song” , Ewan Macgroger, Moulin Rouge OST

I did mention in my earlier post that Jeremy wrote me a song before I left KK right? Well, here it is :


People come and people go,
But they’re some that change my world,
It’s You, in You I’ve found a friend.

Joy and sadness; laughter and tears,
I have shared through the years,
With you, in you I’ve found a friend.

You showed me love, you showed me care,
You were always beside me, always there,
You’re a friend, till the END
Just like the rainbow after the rain
When I needed someone, you stretched out your hand
You’re a friend, till the END
In You I’ve found a friend

Seperated we may be, over mountains, over seas
Dont worry gurl,
You know you’ve got a friend in me

When it feels like all is gone
Don’t give up just carry on
He’ll carry you
In Jesus you’ve found d best of FRIENDS

Best friends :)

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