Three Years Later

The year is now 2019 and my last post was in 2016, three years ago, almost to the day. This blog has been neglected over the years, sorry about that. I’d like to blame work and say it caught up with me but its not just that.

Another main reason is I accidentally let my hosting lapse a few years ago. With that, my entire blog was wiped out and what I had was a backup from which I managed to retrieve the 1,125 posts I have written since 2013. The downside? I have no more images on this blog. Rebuilding it was going to be a nightmare and a tedious task I’m not entirely keen on undertaking.

On another note also, the “blogging scene” has changed a lot. It’s become a creature I’m not entirely familiar with. The world has moved more into “microinfluencers” on platforms like Instagram.

But well, I decided that it’s perhaps time to look at this thing and see what I can do. It will be buggy and things might break here and there but do bear with me while I do this (long term) “clean house” process.

Note: I’m still contactable on Twitter and Instagram @icednyior

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