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Tips to make your blog appear in Google Search

Someone in the forum was asking how to make their blog posts appear when someone searches about their posting in google. I gave some short tips on how to play around with keywords.

One example is to write the URL of your post properly and precisely using keywords that people will search for. Secondly is making sure that you have lots of the same keywords repeating in your post. Thirdly is to tag your posts with Technorati tags to define what is talked about in your content.

Oh, one more thing which I didn’t mention was using the ALT=”” tag in images. ALT stands for alternate text and this is the text that pops up when you mouse over an image. Its also used for text to speech programs which really aids people with sight problems to ‘browse’ your site.

Besides making our blog posts appear in Google searches, we also want to promote our blog/website URL to as many places as possible. Put your URL in your business cards, email signature or even your forum signature. Adding a headline animator is even better.

Or submit your website URL to online web directories like dirmania web directory under the right categories so people can easily search for your site.

Hope these tips helped you!


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