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Tips for Final Year Project

I think one of the hardest things for a final year student is their final year project. One must find a final year project that is nice yet not too hard to do. It must also be something that is unique and different from your fellow classmates and/or seniors.

Choose a FYP that is suitable. Then comes the of writing the proposal and hoping that your lecturers agree with you doing that particular project. Once it’s approved, the real work begins.

First, make sure u plan out the timeline of your project. This is very imporant so that you know what should be done in a particular time.

Secondly, do your research. A good documentation has research paper references that are credible. Please don’t use wikipedia as your source.

Thirdly, start doing your project. Make sure to stick to your timeline. Regularly meet with your project supervisor to show your progress.

Fourthly, complete your documentation with all the coding and references. Get someone to look over your documentation. Preferably someone who has experience proofreading college essays.

Fifth, test your project and debug it. Double check and make backup copies. Sent your documentation early to the printers (especially if you’re doing it hard cover) and submit all your work on time.

Hope these tips helps you final year students :D

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