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Tired and bored

Didnt really do a lot of things today…had a headache so woke up really late, after 12 pm..ehhehe…den at night watch some TV. I watched CSI : Miami…my fave…I’ve got the PC game but i think there’s something wrong with it coz I cant get to the next level even if i follow walkthroughs….frustrating but what to do.

Currently juz spending time playing computer games…..one game in particular : Age of Mythology by Microsoft Games. Never thought I’d get hooked playing strategy games but it all started when Yappy – my so-called “younger bro” & close fren in KK – lent me his “Age of Empires” and it got really fun to play. Hehe!! Miss them in KK :'(

Managed to watch “Latte at 8″….this talkshow in Starbucks, Sunway Piramid with Jason Lo as the host. J.Lo, as he is affectionatly known, is great as a talk show host…..sarcastic & funny. Anyway they had Asha Gill (famous TV personality & popular in Channel V) and she was really cracking jokes (some not so “innocent”) and flirting wif JLo at times to embaress him. Totally not what i expected from someone popular.

Oh ya, wuz reading this article titled “the goodness of kissing” and i wanted to quote something amusing::
“For every ten minutes you kiss your sweetie, you’ll lose about ten calories. How cool is that? That’s still no excuse for not getting proper exercise, though! By the way, kissing helps to tone your cheek and jaw muscles since you do use them a lot! With such toned cheek and jaw muscles, it helps to keep your face looking a bit younger. ” Wat a great way to workout..LOL!!

I’m going to Melaka Fri night for my dad’s company (Carigali-Triton) family in A Famosa Resort……lazy to pack!! And i need to wake up early to go to take my new IC….yay! No more using my old one in which i look like a “monster”. I hate using my old one with my ugly black and white pic……immigration officers in airports always look twice to make sure it’s me. Hope the pic turns out good coz my sis’ turned out bad..ehhehe!!

p/s : Got into a massive fist fight wif my sister yesterday. Ended up with a few scratched and bruises. My head hurts like hell coz she knocked it on the wall…but she has this cut under her left eye. Im still not talking to her.

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