F.O.J,  Food

Its been ages sinced I blogged. No internetla, what to do? Anyway, its been a slow week. Nick went to China on Sat night so we went for lunch that afternoon. We went to Italiannies, OU with Erin (of course) and Andrew – his best fren. We had lotsa fun talking bout crap and teasing Nick.

Something funny happened tho. We ordered this pizza and when the waitress came to deliver it on our table, she made a mistake of tilting the plate too much so the pizza slid off the plate and 2 pieces were on the table. Then she suddently went “Oh my God! Oh my God!” with a really shocked face and looked panic. It was SO funny that i instantly looked down at the pizza coz i felt like bursting to laughter at her reaction. Then she said something like “Oh my god! im so sorry” while trying to pile back the pizza on the plate with her bare hands. Then one of us (i cant remember who, was too busy holding in my laughter) said “its ok, its ok.” Then the moment she left, we all laughed like crazy.

On Sunday, sexmen picked me up to go to Bat’s open house. Met up with Delinn and her hsemates there. She asked me if Put’s new boipren is nice or not. Of course I said mcm gangster nice la. {What? U think i introduce bad ppl to my frens meh?”} After that we went to Elf’s hse {not sure if she has a blog or not} which was nearby. Then I balik tido coz didnt sleep the nite before coz got addicted to this playing this puzzle game called Chuzzle.

Im trying out this diary program thingy which lets u write a diary (duh!) and export your entries as HTML. So at least I can keep a copy of my blog entries at home (i dont keep a copy of my archives) so that if anything happens to my blog – like if it gets deleted, at least i have backup.

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