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To break or not to break

I have never really talked about my love life, just basically gave very vague references to a certain “him”. I never really liked to heboh-heboh about my boyfriend(s) or love life because I think that its something personal that I don’t have to tell the whole world.

Im basically a very simple girlfriend – I don’t expect calls or smses every day, I don’t expect dinners at fancy restaurants, I’m not clingy, I don’t mind u going out with other girl friends (in a group la, not one on one), I don’t ask about your outings, I let you have your “guys nite out”, I don’t mind u checking out other girls in my presence (I’ll even give my opinion on whether I agree or not! Lol!), I don’t mind u smoking or drinking, Im very active during ‘nocturnal activities’…haha! Just kidding ;) I like a relationship that is open, honest and free. The few things that you must respect is individuality, friendships honesty and loyalty. There are 3 things that we cannot complain about each other : work/study, family and friends. See…simple right?

Anyone interested in applying now?

I used to think that I wanted someone to care for me, to miss me, to be concerned about my welfare and most of all, to love me sincerely. But now that I have all that, I feel like something is missing. If you’re wondering if I actually like this guy, the answer is yes, I do like him – a lot. And I do like the state of our relationship now – no hassle, no tediousness and no songeh-songeh.

So why am I considering breaking it off?

Because even tho im really satisfied with the state of the relationship now, i have a feeling that he is realizing that I dont love him as much as he loves me. This was apparent in an sms he gave me last nite saying “baby, i miss you so very much. Maybe one day you’ll understand what that means.” However, i am still considering whether its worth making an effort for our relationship..and I also need to talk it over with him, because we have always been very honest with each other about our doubts and negative feelings.

But the bottomline is, I miss my single life……

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