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Toilet Tales at Ikano

After One utama (refer previous post) yesterday, G (my sis) and I went to Ikano to lepak in Starbucks coz she wanted to go online and stock up her pencilcase for her SPM. Soon after that, we met with BJB (Budak Jahat B—-).

Then I felt like going to the toilet. Theres this small hole in the wall toilet just before the entrance to Ikea from Ikano that most people dont know about except for the workers in nearby shops. I usually go there because it is the nearest toilet to Starbucks. The downside is that it usually smells of cigarette smoke.

So i walked to the toilet and check to see which one was vacant. One door had a red indicator and the other had a green indicator, so of course I grabbed the handle of the empty toilet and swung it wide open.

“Eh!” I looked up into the very shocked eyes of a chinese guy sitting on the toilet bowl with his hand covering his crotch area, his pants around his thighs and his legs ‘kepit-ed’ tightly together. I had to fight an urge not to laugh. How could someone have forgot to locked the door while taking a dump in a public toilet? So i said “Opps, excuse me” with a selamba face and closed the door.

I heard the door instantly lock after that. I remembered the look of shock on his face and started laughing to myself as i walked out of the toilet to use the toilet on the 1st floor because I cant imagine his embarressed reaction if i were to be standing outside when he came out.

So i went upstairs to the toilet and wanted to enter the first toilet. when i pushed open the door, i saw a small girl holding it and trying to pull up her panties. I said “opps sorry” and went to the next toilet which was -luckily – empty. Thats TWICE i walked into someone who didnt lock the public toilet!!

Lesson of the day : Please, PLEASE, lock the toilet door, especially if ur using a public toilet.

Note: incik sekinchan kata “luckily it wasnt a mengcangkuk toilet”…hahahahahha…

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  • pelf

    I had a lot of those similar experiences when I went to Shanghai. Apparently, the Chinese (as in the natives) do NOT lock the toilet doors. They could even do their business in a door-less toilet cubicle!

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