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[Tech Tuesday] Vista Drive Icon

old hard drive icons

If you are using WinXP, opening My Computer gives you a view like the above. As you can see, I have 3 hard disks – 60GB partitioned into C & E drives and 80GB for D drive. I also have a floppy (does any one even use them these days?), DVD/CD-RW Drive, DVD-RW Drive, loads of Removable Disks (due to my card reader) and a virtual DVD Drive (L: ) for disc images.

Its a bit hard to see how much space you are using unless you select Details View. In Vista, the Icons view gives you a bar underneath to show how much space you’re using. For us folks who don’t use vista, there’s a program to do just that. After downloading (it just takes a minute) and installing, your My Computer will look like this

new hard drive icons

The Drive with the Windows Icon obviously shows which drive your OS is located. I need to burn out the stuff in my HDs soon lah. Too many on-going TV series

Download [freeware]


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