Turning Twenty Two

Turning 22 doesn’t have the pomp and circumstance of turning 21, nor does it have the sweet girl-turns-to-women feel of turning 16. Its perhaps just another step to the big three-oh where we are expected to have successful careers, happily married to an adoring husband and (mayb) have an bunch of adorable kids. Which is still (thank god!) light years away.

I think that birthdays are a time to look back, to reflect on what the past year has been. I always believe that the there are always improvements from the last year. So what has changed? I’ve said goodbye and/or cut down on a few things

  • seks rambang (just kidding!)
  • staying out late every night – now its usually weekends or 3 times a week
  • clubbing every nite – cut down to about once in a month (on average)
  • getting drunk – same as above

Been concentrating more on work and trying to go out late nights only on weekends. Im waiting to see how the year ahead will be for me…im actually particularly worried about final project and graduating.
Anyway, Thanks for all the wishes from everyone. I got a few smses – one from as far at NZ (thx yappy!), MMSes from Sarawak (thanks Grace!), online msgs, frenster testimonials, myspace comments and facebook wall contengs.

Looking forward to a small makan2 on saturday with some friends. Yey!

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