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Tech Tuesday : So many blogs, so little time

Ever felt like it was soo tedious to open so many windows to check all your favourite blogs hoping that they will have an update? Here’s a really easy step-by-step tutorial to use an RSS reader like Bloglines. Click to see bigger photos

1. Go to and click Register.

2. Enter in your email address (I used Pammy‘s), password, timezone and Language. Then click [Register]

3. After registering, you will be shown this page below. You can also check your email to verify your email address later. As for now, click on the Add link on the left column.

4. Then add in the URL of the blog/news site you want to subscribe from. In this case I put in this blog and click [Subscribe].

5. Select one of the feeds then choose the folder (category) you want to put the feeds in. Here we click New Folder…

6. Which then gives a pop up for us to put in a Folder name, in this case i typed in Bloggers, but you can put anything, Friends, Reads, ect ect. Then click [OK] and then [Subscribe].

7. This is how it will look like after adding a few feeds. As you can see, i put in 2 more categories, Friends and News – where I added feeds from Star online Business, Nation, Opinion and World.

The great thing about using an RSS reader is that you dont have to visit every blog or website to check if there are new updates. It just shows all the new updates in your Bloglines.

I hope this tutorial helped you lots :D


Im starting this new section called Tech Tuesday :D which will feature something about computers every 2 weeks on Tuesdays. How’s that? :D


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