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Tutorial : Use a WordPress blog to backup your Twitter tweets

Okay, first you will have to setup a new wordpress blog or you can use your existing one. In this tutorial, i set up a new wordpress blog at TwitterBackup to separate my tweets from my blog posts.

If you’re using a separate blog for your twitter posts first thing you need to do is go to the Settings > Discussion and Uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. This is so that people can’t comment on your posts.

FireShot capture #065 - 'Discussion Settings ‹ Twitter Backup — WordPress' - www_zestful_org_twitterbackup_wp-admin_options-discussion_php

Download this plugin TwitterTools by Alex King. Really awesome plugin for twitter. Upload the twitter-tools.php file to your wp-content/plugins folder.

Go to Plugins > Installed and click Activate on the Twitter Tools box.

FireShot capture #066 - 'Manage Plugins ‹ Twitter Backup — WordPress' - www_zestful_org_twitterbackup_wp-admin_plugins_php

Then go to Settings > Twitter Tools to access the Twitter Tools Options

FireShot capture #087 - 'Twitter Tools Options ‹ Backup for @icednyior on Twitter — WordPress' - www_zestful_org_twitterbackup_wp-admin_options-general_php_page=twitter-tools_php

1. Twitter Username/Password – Key in your username and password and click the Test Login Info Button (red box)

Now you can choose to either create a daily digest post (1 post a day) or a Weekly Digest Post (1 post a week). I prefer the daily digest post to break up my tweets to daily posts.

2. Daily Digest Post – Choose YES at “Create a daily digest blog post from your tweets?” and set the time. Then change the “Title for daily digest posts” if you want.

3. Weekly Digest Post – Choose YES at “Create a weekly digest blog post from your tweets?” and set the time. Then change the “Title for weekly digest posts” if you want.

You can also choose YES for both and change the other settings but these three are the most important. Click [Save Settings] button

Wait for a few days for your blog to be updated from Twitter. For weekly updates, you might hv to wait a week or so. Your blog will then look like this (with weekly digest activated)

FireShot capture #073 - 'Twitter Backup' - www_zestful_org_twitterbackup

You can install a new theme and change it to daily or weekly digest and your twitter backup will then be like this.

FireShot capture #085 - 'Backup for @icednyior on Twitter } I blog at http___me_zestful_org' - www_zestful_org_twitterbackup

Hope this tutorial was helpful. Questions? leave it below


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