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cristiano-ronaldo-man-bag-handbag-purseSee, even Cristiano Ronaldo has a clutch

I was sitting in Starbucks the other day, when I saw this guy carrying this tote (thats a big handbag for you lads) while his girlfriend walked beside him, empty handed. I thought it looked weird so I decided to ask Twitter.

Question : Tweeps, what do u guys think of Guys carrying their Gf/fiancee/wife’s handbag while they are out? Yes, No, WTF?

@spinzer : @icednyior I love doing it. makes me feel rich when my partner can go shopping for all she wants? #

@lightyoruichi : No #

@wssoo : Yes. next time girl should bring along their bf while shopping for handbag coz bf are the one carrying it most of the time instead. yeap, once we step in to the mall i will be holding it alr.even hold a handbag for fren too..# #

@nicklwc: lol im fine with it. especially since at times i stuff it with subway sandwiches and other drinks to sneak it into the cinema :P # or when she complains that its heavy :) i rly dont understand the concept of “holding bag = less macho” :P #

@faliqfahmie : ok if for a short while, i.e when shes going to the toilet. NO for the entire outing -___-‘ #

@thatjames : Takes a real man to pull it off. *ahem* #

@serpentinegal: my handbag is far too precious (and awesome) to let anyone else carry it T^T later get dirty wtf. and i feel bad la coz my handbag is usually pretty heavy (i hv a lot of needs haha) :P # #

@junwen : its embarrassing if carried for prolonged periods. I know its all the rage in HK for guys to carry ladybags though.. #

@Justin_0liver : Yes #

@kruel74 : NOOOO! WTF!! #

@kavilan : No No No. Chivalry is one thg, but standing by the women’s loo and holding a handbag wit a sappy look isnt so manly

@joshlim: NO HELL NO #

@thematrixuum : Feel relieved that my fiancee’s purse not that big, I can slip it into my pocket. #

@jibone : I don’t carry handbags ok,… I just hold it for them. Yeah with a manly grip on the handle. #

@peichyi : No — cos i find it crams @blogjunkie’s macho style to be carrying my bag for me! not to mention dem GAY weh… #

@neyrashazeyra : NYAMPAH. NOOO! #

@kyotoband : it’s just a handbag. a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. # julietANNA : yes! gentleman ok! #

@bumilangit : aku slalu pegang purse istri aku. 1) takut peragut. 2) takut ‘tiba2’ duit habis. #

@luthtextile : bini tu malas.. #

@victorliew : I’m carrying wife’s bag & baby @JEThroLiew bag. @JEThroLiew too precious for me apparently #

@wfxyz : douchebags #

@rosalindchua : highly slappable offence #

@alletslexy : Yes #

@nicgan : If it’s not too big, y not? #

@zasishak : WNo freaking way =.=” I carry her shopping bags but not her handbag :P # men carry their gf handbag either they are just a really nice guy or they are fulfilling a weird fantasy. #

@holocoustine : tak setuju!! ader tangan bawak sendiri.. unless anda membawa barang berkoyan2 :D:D #

@juliecious84 : takde masalah.. handbag ku banyak duit & phones n lappy.. berharga tuh.. jd lagi selamat kalau dia bawak..wakakkaka #

@diese : WTF!! WIMP! #

@chapree : Yes, given the circumstances is rite. Kalau dia tgh jalan lenggang, takkan gua nak bawak pulak. RAGE la macam tu. XD #


@anthraxxXx : i dont carry handbags but I open the car door and adjust the chair for her before she sit before makan :p

@wernshen: men carrying girl’s handbags? for the girl or just carrying girls handbags? oh noes…. do not approve either way!!! unless she’s making a toilet stop. else, no. :) #

@sarasini : Yes, why not. Looks funny but it’s pretty sweet. Girls love bellmen, then tip them with our love. #

@karimaka : holding for a short period of time is fine.. carrying.. is a NO NO#

@zlene : no like men carrying women’s handbags. Pussywhipped much? #


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